Its thirty minutes past 9am. Josh has just arrived home from what had almost seemed like an overzealous day ahead. He is dead beat and is yearning to unwind on a day that he prays will bring hope as it draws to an end. His is a small abode punctuated by pure, almost perfect minimalism.... Continue Reading →


Village life wasn’t always what it had seemed as he would later recall. The dust that embroidered every single occasion, the scorching sun that blessed and cursed everyone and everything under it, the howling wind which brought all the skirt wearers to a halt whenever its menacing hands were unveiled, lifting off skirts to the... Continue Reading →


They say music is a universal language, a language with no boundaries, a language that the whole world hears and speaks. Often times we speak to our ever wandering souls via music and soothe them with it whenever the going becomes thick. It has existed since the time memory was idealized, since time immemorial. The... Continue Reading →


It is no longer deniable that the south Sudanese community living in Kenya has become savvier in the entertainment or rather leisure world unlike their contemporaries, the Indians and other foreign people within Kenya. This community that has lived in Kenya for quite some time now as most of them run away from a political... Continue Reading →


Much has been happening especially during this election period in Kenya. It's a season where emotions are usually at peak high and taking jabs at political opponents is nothing new, it's a norm. Politicians will hurl insults at each other, call each other names, propaganda spread like some bush fire. With the rise of social... Continue Reading →

Leaving no stone unturned.

High school as we all know should be a place where life long memories are made, where in our old age we shall travel back in retrospect and reminisce the good old days, where we should then nod our heads in utter satisfaction through the fall of time as we narrate our rather bewildering yet... Continue Reading →


I have been reading this book, a classic by the late American author Mario Puzo,  Fools Die. I am still reading it so my choice of tense at the beginning of this post. Ok just to clear air, this is not a book review, haven't  yet  grasped the intricacies that come with book reviewing. In... Continue Reading →


How do you explain yourself for not doing something that you love or claim to? How do you restore trust from those who had sowed some seeds in you yet you farted before them by not doing that which you love unapologetically for a very long time? How do you make these people reconsider their... Continue Reading →

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